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Monthly Payment Preventive Healthcare Plans

About Monthly Payment Preventive Healthcare Plans

Help pet owners better budget for preventive healthcare – and increase their openness to routine visits – by offering monthly payment preventive healthcare plans.

Implementing monthly payment preventive healthcare plans can be a daunting task. But now there is an easy to understand, step by step manual that walks you through the entire process. Developed by experts in the field, you now have what you need to make it happen in your practice.

How do you get started?

  1. Review the “Preventive Healthcare Plan Overview” document to learn about these plans and decide if it makes sense for you to pursue this
  2. Roll up your sleeves and use the “Preventive Healthcare Plan Implementation Manual” and worksheets to design your customized plan
  3. Use the Team Training Guide and Power Point presentation to get your entire healthcare team prepared to make it happen

By utilizing these tools you will be able to...

Time to Complete

Tools & Resources

Preventive Healthcare Plan Overview

Brakke Consulting

The purpose of the Overview is to explain what preventive healthcare plans are, how they work, what it takes to implement them, why pet owners prefer them, and how they improve preventive healthcare recommendation compliance. It includes three first-person reports from practices that have implemented preventive healthcare plans.

Preventive Healthcare Plan Implementation Manual

Brakke Consulting

This comprehensive and detailed Implementation Manual takes a practice through a step-by- step process of setting up plans, integrating them into the practice, marketing them to clients, staff training, and administrative options. It covers the rationale for bundling and discounting and covers management of pay for performance impacts, as well as tracking performance. Information regarding third-party administrators and payment management options, along with lists of resources, is also included.

The manual is accompanied by customizable worksheets in both Word and Excel formats.

Preventive Healthcare Plan Team Training Manual

Brakke Consulting

Team training is a critical component of successful preventive healthcare plan implementation. Every member of the practice must be well versed on the purpose and value of the plans, specific details, and individual responsibilities, as well as be able to provide a consistent message to clients. This Team Training Manual provides tools for training the entire practice team. It includes Client Communication Flow Charts and a Roles and Responsibilities Grid that can used as handouts.

The manual is accompanied by a customizable Team Training Presentation with speaking notes in both PPT and PPTX formats.