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Feline-Friendly Practice

About Feline-Friendly Practice

Have a feline-only practice or want to increase your focus on cat care? Learn ways to help your practice be even more feline-friendly and increase the satisfaction of cat owners.

Partners for Healthy Pets understands that delivering veterinary services to cats is a different breed of care. That’s because a visit to the veterinarian is often traumatic for a cat, which can make cat owners reluctant to bring them in.

Although some veterinary practices are exclusively dedicated to the care of cats, others would like to develop an increased focus on feline healthcare. Whichever category your practice falls into, here you’ll find tools and resources to help your practice maintain or develop a strong emphasis on felines.

How do you get started?

  1. For a quick overview of the topic click on the article entitled, Pouncing on Opportunity from Trends magazine
  2. Click on the 60 minute web conference entitled, Becoming a Cat-Friendly Practice to learn more about the AAFP Cat-Friendly Practice Program
  3. During your next staff meeting click on the link entitled, CATalyst Council Cat-Friendly Practice videos. Then as a team, view and discuss several of the videos.

By utilizing these tools you will be able to...

Time to Complete

Tools & Resources

Pouncing on Opportunity

The Pouncing on Opportunity article from the May issue of Trends magazine provides additional discussion related to the Cat-Friendly Practice Program.

Becoming a Cat-Friendly Practice (60-minute web conference; provides 1 hour of CE credit)

Presented by: Elizabeth J. Colleran, DVM

Recommended for veterinary professionals and practices who want to:

  • Understand trends and research on owned cats and the veterinary care they receive
  • Learn techniques to become cat-friendly in all areas of medical care
  • Discern the unique baseline species information regarding behavior, health, and environment
  • Discover and use the new Cat-Friendly Practice Program


The number of pet cats is increasing, but the number of cats visiting veterinarians is on the decline. That’s because many owners forego necessary routine care to avoid the stress the visit brings to the cat and the owner. This webcast offers strategies to lessen the stress of the veterinary visit and create a more cat-friendly practice. Improving your understanding of your feline patients’ needs creates a win-win for all involved—the cat, the client, and the practice.

AAFP Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines (60-minute web conference; provides 1 hour of CE credit)

Presented by: Ilona Rodan, DVM, DABVP

Recommended for veterinary professionals and practices who want to:

Better handle cats in a manner that greatly reduces feline fear and fear-associated aggression, and subsequently human injury
Develop a standard operating procedure for handling cats
Educate team members and clients how to prevent feline stress during veterinary visits


A majority of cat owners state that their cat hates to go to the veterinarian, and almost 40% of clients think veterinary visits are personally stressful. This lack of visits results in poor feline health and welfare, and less successful practices. During this web conference, you’ll learn about respectful feline handling and gain a better understanding of normal feline behavior. Learning these relatively simple, newer handling techniques will prevent feline fear and fear-associated aggression, improve job satisfaction and safety, and get cats back into your practices.

AAFP Cat-Friendly Practice Program: Make a Difference in Feline Medicine

The AAFP’s Cat-Friendly Practice (CFP) program contains the tools for practices to integrate a feline perspective and embrace the standards needed to elevate care for cats. The CFP designation is a recognized symbol of excellence that demonstrates your practice’s dedication to provide better care for cats.

The CFP program equips practices with the tools, resources, and information to improve the treatment, handling, and overall healthcare of cats by:

  • Laying the groundwork for the delivery of care to the underserved feline population.
  • Identifying trends and baseline species information essential for understanding cats.
  • Acknowledging the essential role of the cat owner in the veterinary visit (click here to see what cat owners are saying about the program).
  • Providing support to veterinarians and their teams to create a cat-friendly environment.
  • Outlining strategies for introducing changes in the delivery of care that incorporate a better understanding of the cat’s distinct needs and behaviors.
  • Begin the process now.

CATalyst Council Cat-Friendly Practice Videos

AAFP Additional Feline Resources

The AAFP has many informational resources to help veterinary teams become more knowledgeable about feline behavior and cats’ unique needs, as well as, educational resources for cat owners on feline healthcare. Resources include:

PRINT-READY BROCHURES FOR CAT OWNERS: Topics include Getting Your Cat to the Vet, Feline House-Soiling, Environmental Needs and more.

VIDEOS FOR VETERINARY TEAMS: This 8-part video series outlines ways a practice can minimize stress for both the cat and client during visits. Videos include “Understanding Feline Behavior,” “Enhancing the Feline Examination,” and more. To view the entire list of educational videos, click here.

VIDEOS FOR CAT OWNERS: Video series for cat owners that educates owners on why it is important to bring your cats to the veterinarian routinely. To view entire list of videos, click here.