Tips from Dr. Vince Obsitnik and Ms. Jan McAfee of The Animal Medical Clinic:

On social media:

  1. Identify a social media champion in your practice. “We give Jan one day a week, a day of uninterrupted time for social media. It has been huge for us and very effective. We no longer do any traditional advertising, such as a phone book ad or flyers.” - Dr. O
  2. Make social media a priority for your practice. “Social media plays a large role and an increasing role in our practice. It’s how we communicate with our clients, spread our message, be a part of the community.” Jan spends a few hours a week on social media and a few hours every few weeks on their website.

On the PHP website tools and preventive healthcare:

  1. Check out the PHP website. “As a practice owner, I looked at the Partners for Healthy Pets website. I thought there was a lot of good information so I told Jan to spend some time going through the tools and see what we can use. There was a lot!” - Dr. O
  2. Prevention is a pound of cure. “Preventive pet healthcare is very important to pets and veterinary practices. We strive to provide a consistent and uniform preventive care recommendation from our website and social media presence to our front staff, technical staff and veterinarians. I relay the importance of preventive care to my clients on a daily basis. We recommend twice yearly wellness exams. We identify problems in a significant percentage of our patients who appear to be healthy to their owners.” - Dr. O

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