Questions for your practice management system vendor

Call your practice management software vendor and tell the representative that you want to send a custom email through the system to all inactive pet owners.

Ask your vendor these questions:

  1. Can you help me set up a query to pull a list of pet owners whose pets have not been to the clinic in the past [insert your time frame]?
    You will want to be able to run this query on a scheduled basis, so your vendor should set it up as a list you can pull on demand.
    1. If your vendor can set up a query, continue to question #2
    2. If your practice management system is unable to pull a list, you may need to send the emails one at a time as you find inactive clients. Here are some general instructions that may be used for one off emails outside of your pratice management system.
  1. Does the system allow you to send emails to groups of pet owners either as a marketing email or as a reminder?
    1. If yes, can the emails be html?
      1. If they can be html, can they be personalized?
        1. Yes - use Option 1 (No discount | With discount)
        2. No – use Option 2A (No discount | With discount)
      2. If the emails cannot be html, send a non-personalized email with just an image:
        1. Use Option 2B (No discount | With discount)
    2. If your system does not allow you to send group emails, you may want to use a mail service such as MailChimp or Informz. If you use another service, your list may need to be exported into a .csv file. Partners for Healthy Pets does not endorse any specific email service.