Sending the email through your email program

If you choose to send the email through your email program, here are some general instructions:

#1 Select which version of the email template you would like to send to your clients and open or download the appropriate files.

#2 Using your practice email program such as Outlook or Gmail, start a new email.

#3 Who are you sending the email to?

  • For a single client, add the client's email address in the "to" line.
  • For multiple client emails, add your own email address in the "to" line, and all of your client email addresses to the "bcc" line. Make sure it is the bcc line, and not the cc line so your clients don’t see each other's emails.

#4 Use the following recommended subject line (yes, it works great):

  • (For 1 pet) Subject: We’ve missed your pet — it’s checkup time!
  • (For multiple pets) Subject: We’ve missed your pets — it’s checkup time!

#5 For the body of the email, follow the instructions below.

  • If you are using an html email, open the email you wish to send in your browser window.

    Within the window in your browser that has the preview of the email, select and copy all of the content on the page. (Select and copy instructions: To select all, either highlight the email by clicking and draging with your mouse, or press “ctrl-a” on a PC or “command-a” on a Mac. To copy, right click and select “copy” or press “ctrl-c” on a PC or “command-c” on a Mac.)

    Click within the body of the email and paste what you copied. (Paste instructions: right click and select “paste” or press “ctrl-v” on a PC or “command-v” on a Mac.)
  • If you are using the image only version, locate the correct image from the zipped file we provided.

    Simply attach the reminder (for dog, cat or multiple pets) to the email! You can also insert the file as an image (or photo, depending on your email program) into the body of the email, so the pet owner doesn’t have to open an attachment. (Insert the file as image instructions: Click in the body area of the email as if you were going to type an email and select “insert photo” or “insert image” from your program.)

#6 If the client hasn’t called to schedule their appointment within two weeks, you can send them a follow-up reminder. Follow these steps again, but select the appropriate follow-up email.


  • If your practice email doesn’t include your contact information at the bottom automatically, you should include this short note in the body of your email: Call us today to schedule your appointment at 000-000-0000. We look forward to helping your pet stay happy and healthy!
  • Depending on your practice size, you may want to designate one day every two weeks to manage this reminder program.