Sending an e-blast

First, define your criteria for inactive client status. Many practices consider an inactive client as a client who has not visited the practice in 14 months or longer. However, you can choose whatever time period suits your practice. Run your report for a list of your inactive clients.

Second, choose your mail service. Partners for Healthy Pets does not endorse or support any particular company, but email services such as Mailchimp or Informz are very easy to use.

Third-party email services will require html. Below are links to download the html:

Each of these files contain 6 versions of the email templates.

  1. “First email - Dog only”
  2. “First email - Cat only”
  3. “First email - Dog and Cat”
  4. “Second email - Dog only”
  5. “Second email - Cat only”
  6. “Second email - Dog and Cat”

To send an email through a program such as Outlook or Gmail, click here.