Inactive Client Program Emails - Without Discount - Format HTML

If you are using your practice management software to send emails to multiple clients at one time, you may need HTML. PHP has provided the HTML for your convenience. This HTML is ready to paste into your software.

All practice management software work differently. For instructions on using your software to send the email, you will need to refer to your practice management software vendor. PHP is unable to answer questions related to your software.

There are 2 ways to obtain the HTML. You may click on the links below, and select "File > Save as" or press "ctrl-s" on a PC or "command-s" on a Mac. It will prompt you to select a location to save the file. You may place it on your desktop to make it easy to find later when adding to your practice management software. We have also included all of the HTML in a single .txt file to make it easy to copy and paste the HTML into your software.

Use these FIRST: 1st Reminder Emails

These emails should be sent to your inactive clients first.

Use these SECOND: Follow-up Reminder Emails

These are follow-up emails that can be sent two weeks later to those clients who still haven’t scheduled their pet’s appointment.

OR, download all HTML in text file


  • Use the following recommended subject line (yes, it works great):
    • (For 1 pet) Subject: We’ve missed your pet — it’s checkup time!
    • (For multiple pets) Subject: We’ve missed your pets — it’s checkup time!
  • PHP recommends including contact information at the bottom of the email:
    • For example, “Call us today to schedule your appointment at 000-000-0000. We look forward to helping your pet stay happy and healthy!”
  • If you are sending the emails to all inactive clients at one time, we recommend using the subject line “We’ve missed your pet — it’s checkup time,” and use the image with both dogs and cats.