Heartworm Prevention

Do you have a heartworm prevention plan in place for your furry friend? Heartworm disease is dangerous for a pet! Let’s do a heartworm test as part of your pet’s yearly checkup. Make an appointment today!
Protecting your dog or cat from heartworm disease is simple and affordable. Treating heartworm disease is costly, difficult and can be life threatening. Make an appointment for your pet’s yearly checkup and let’s keep your best friend safe!
Did you know a mosquito bite can be life threatening? Mosquitoes spread heartworms, and even if you’ve got an indoor pet, bites happen. So make an appointment for your pet’s yearly checkup, and let’s talk heartworm prevention!
Some health problems aren’t easy to spot. Cats and dogs infected with heartworm disease may not show signs of infection for months. Heartworm disease can be deadly if left untreated! Make an appointment for your best friend’s yearly checkup today, and let’s have a heart-to-heart about protecting your pet!!

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