Facebook Posts: Kidney & Urinary Tract

The signs of kidney disease can be difficult to recognize in your pet. We can run a simple blood and urine test to detect potential problems so schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
DYK…75% of your pet’s kidney function is lost before you can see signs of serious illness? This is the reason why early detection is so important! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today and start the New Year off right!
The best place for stones is in the dirt, not in your pet! Urinary stones are common in dogs and cats so let’s keep your pet healthy and schedule their yearly checkup today!
It’s that time of year for new beginnings… so if your cat has been urinating outside the litter box, enough! Schedule their yearly checkup today so we can examine your pal from head to tail. Let’s help your kitty get back in the box!

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