Facebook Posts: Yearly Checkups

DYK: dental disease, diabetes, heartworm disease and obesity can all be prevented in your pet? It's the time of year to give thanks for the furry friends in your life. Keep your pet healthy and schedule their yearly checkup today.
How should you thank your pet for tolerating a very cute, Thanksgiving-themed costume? Schedule their yearly checkup! Their good health depends on it!
From teeth to tail, your pet gets a complete exam when they visit us for a yearly checkup. Make an appointment today and we'll make sure your pet stays healthy!
All pets have special care instructions: Feed daily, love forever and yearly checkups. We know you have the first two covered, but when did your pet have their last checkup? If it’s been over a year, it’s time for them to come see us. Schedule their exam today to keep them healthy and happy!

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