Facebook Posts: Behavior

Sometimes your pet’s change in behavior may be due to an underlying medical problem (and not related to eating Halloween candy!) Let’s check out your furry friend so schedule their yearly exam today!
Lots of “old age” behaviors are due to an illness that’s hard to spot. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today. We can help!
It’s Halloween! If your cat is urinating outside the litter box, you’ll need more than a witch’s spell to change that behavior. Schedule your kitty’s yearly exam so we can get to the bottom of the issue! Call us today!
Does your pet chew furniture, scratch or nip? Let’s discuss training techniques and behavior changing strategies at your pet’s yearly checkup. We’re here to help! Schedule your appointment today!
Does the incessant doorbell ringing of trick-or-treaters frighten your pet? We can help! Schedule their yearly checkup today and let’s talk about ways to keep your pet calm and happy!

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