Facebook Posts: Healthy Skin

To shave or to not shave? That is the question! It’s hot outside so should you shave your dog’s thick, long fur? Call us! We can discuss it during your pet’s yearly checkup. Schedule it today and let’s keep your pet healthy, happy and cool!
Did your pet lose hair? It may be from a tumble or from a fungus. Eeeew! That’s why we’ve got to check it out—schedule your pet’s annual exam today!

MYTH: That bump on your pet’s skin is little, so it’s nothing to worry about.

FACT: The bump could be nothing or it could be something of concern. If left unchecked, a little bump may become a BIG problem!

FACT: We’re committed to keeping your pet healthy for their entire life so let’s take a look! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!

Rashes, lumps, bumps and bald spots. We’ll check all areas of your pet’s skin during their yearly checkup—it’s important to their health! Schedule your pet’s annual exam today!

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