Facebook Posts: Gastrointestinal Health

Does your pet have an upset stomach sometimes? The reason is not always from something they ate. It’s important to have us examine your pet from “mouth to stomach to tail” to keep your pet happy and healthy. Schedule their yearly exam today!
How many hairballs did you clean up this week? Too many! Make an appointment for your kitty’s yearly checkup. Let’s help you get things under control! We can help!
Some dog breeds are at higher risk of liver disease than others. Is your pooch one of them? Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today so we can feel the size and shape of this important organ. It’s essential to their health!
Did you know irritable bowel syndrome affects pets too? Keeping your pet’s digestive tract healthy is key to a long, good life. So let’s examine your pet—schedule your pet’s annual exam today!

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