Facebook Posts: Healthy Heart

Did you know cardiac disease affects pets too? Keeping your pet’s heart healthy is key to a long, good life. So let’s take a listen to their ticker — schedule your pet’s annual exam today!
Some dog and cat breeds are at higher risk of heart disease. Is your pet one of them? Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today so we can listen to their heart and lungs. It’s essential to their health!
Has your pet’s heart been checked lately? It’s important to have us take a listen because heart disease doesn’t go away on its own and almost always becomes more serious over time. Together, let’s keep your pet happy and healthy. Schedule their yearly exam today!
It’s July and that means fun in the sun! But wait! When did we last see your pooch? Make sure they have a clean bill of health before the fun begins! Make an appointment for your dog’s annual exam today!

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