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Facebook Posts: Healthy Bones, Joints and Muscles

The best way to keep your pet moving and grooving this spring is to book their yearly exam. We’ll check those bones and joints from toe to tail—to make sure your pet is healthy, happy and ready to go!
Did you know that arthritis is as common in cats as it is in people? And it hurts! Make an appointment for your cat’s annual exam—let’s check your furry friend today!
Orthopedic disease is painful for pets of all ages. And sometimes it’s hard to spot! Let’s take a look—book your pet’s yearly checkup today. We’ll examine them from top to bottom, inside and out to make sure your buddy is healthy and happy!
A dog’s skeleton has an average of 319 bones! Infections, blood problems and even nutrition can affect how those bones function! Without regular vet checkups, these issues can be easy to miss and make your dog sick! Schedule an appointment for their annual exam today and let’s keep them healthy!

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