Facebook Posts: Pet's Health

It’s a new year and time to check in on everyone’s health—even yours! Some illnesses that pass from pets to people are tough to spot. And left untreated, everyone can get sick! Keep you and your pet safe and healthy. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
Does your pet go outside? Many diseases (not just rabies!) are passed from wildlife to pets to people! Let’s keep your whole family safe—we’ll check out your pet and do the right tests. Schedule your pet’s annual exam today!
You may not realize some infections can be passed from pets to people. Eeew! That’s one more reason why your pet needs a yearly checkup: to keep you and your pet well! Make sure your pet gets a clean bill of health. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
Happy New Year! Start off 2015 right by checking your pet’s health…and yours! Even the best pet owners may not realize that they can get sick from their furry friend. Keep your pet well and schedule their annual exam today. Everyone’s health depends on it!

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