Facebook Posts: Pet Nutrition

When your pet is overweight, they’re at risk for serious medical problems. The best way to see if your pet is at their goal weight is to have us check! Schedule your pet’s annual exam today to make sure your pet is in tiptop shape!
Does your pet beg for a bite of holiday dinner? Pets can put on “holiday pounds” too! Those extra pounds can decrease your pet’s energy level, mobility, quality of life and even shorten their lifespan! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today before the festivities (and eating) begins!
Gaining weight over the holidays is not just a problem for humans, but also for pets! And these unwanted pounds can lead to arthritis, cancer and heart disease. It may be hard to spot if your pet is becoming chubby. That’s why there’s us! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today with our trained staff so we can accurately assess your pet's weight! Call us today to keep your pet healthy!
It’s that time of year for family, friends and food. And your furry friend would love some of your holiday feast and extra treats! But overfeeding your pet can make them overweight! And that has serious medical consequences. Keep your pets well and schedule their yearly checkup today. Their health depends on it!

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