Facebook Posts: Healthy Skin

Is that a tick or a tumor on your pet? Sometimes it’s hard to tell! If it’s not checked, your pet may be at risk for a serious disease. Make an appointment for your pet’s yearly exam today! We’ll check your pet’s skin from nose to tail!
Is that little bump on your pet’s skin nothing….or something of concern? If left unchecked, a little bump may become a BIG problem! We’re committed to keeping your pet healthy for their entire life so let’s take a look! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
Your pet may have lots of lumps and bumps. Are any of them cancer? We’ll check all areas of your pet’s skin during their yearly checkup—it’s vital to your pet’s health! Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
Does your pet have a little bald spot? It may be from a tumble, or from a fungus. Eeeew! That’s why we’ve got to check it out—schedule your pet’s annual exam today!

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