Facebook Posts: Healthy Heart

You can’t see your pet’s heart. So is it healthy, or not? If it’s not checked, you may be putting your pet at risk for heart disease and a shortened life span. Let’s take a listen—schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
Heart disease affects both humans AND pets. But with your pet, there’s no way to know they’re having “chest pains” until it’s too late! Keeping your pet’s heart healthy is key to a long, good quality life. So let’s take a listen—schedule your pet’s annual exam today!
Certain breeds of dogs and cats are at higher risk of heart disease at any age. Is your pet one of them? Come see us to find out! We’re committed to keeping your pet healthy for their entire life—schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!
What do you think of when it comes to love? Easy…a heart! But what’s not easy is heart disease. It usually doesn’t go away on its own and almost always becomes more serious. We love your pet too—together, let’s keep their ticker in tiptop shape. Schedule your pet’s yearly checkup today!

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