Success Stories: Putting the Tools to Work in Your Practice

As practice manager, Heidi Nelson has these tips to share:

  1. Attend a Partners for Healthy Pets’ conference workshop. Heidi attended one at last year’s Western Veterinary Conference. She was able to not only sign up her practice in the PHP Practice Enrollment Program, but also learn all the benefits of social media and simple ways to gain online success.
  2. Have deadlines. “I love getting the Partners for Healthy Pets newsletter in my inbox at the beginning of each month,” Heidi says. “It keeps us to our own deadline of getting the practice newsletter out by the 15th of the month.”
  3. Think out of the box! “I was not happy with the content provided by my practice’s software,” Heidi says, so she replaced it monthly with content from the Partners for Healthy Pets newsletter.
  4. Don’t let social media scare you. “There may be a big learning curve to using social media, but once you figure it out, it’s not hard to do,” she says.

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