July 2015

Campaign in Action

Better pet health begins with a conversation
The Partners for Healthy Pets campaign is all over the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation’s communications and events.

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is raising awareness of the importance of annual preventive healthcare visits by featuring key messages at local events and on their website.

Event kits were developed for use at the TVMA Annual Conference and Expo in Arlington, the Mighty Texas Dog Walk in Austin and shared with DVMs for use in their practices. A print ad was also placed in the June issue of the Texas Veterinarian magazine.

In addition, a permanent online ad is featured next to all articles on texvetpets.org. This ad links viewers to healthypetcheckup.org, the Partners for Healthy Pets pet owner website where they can learn about what their vet looks for and what questions to ask during the annual checkup.

Click here to find materials you can use right now to help educate your clients about the importance of preventive pet healthcare.

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