September 2013

Let’s Get The Word Out

Tools you can use to help clients understand the importance of preventive healthcare.

Partners for Healthy Pets just launched a consumer awareness campaign to help pet owners understand the benefits of preventive pet healthcare. The Special Care Instructions campaign encourages pet owners to take their best friends for a yearly checkup – because checkups are as essential as food and love.

Help us spread the message:

Consumer Website

The consumer website is now live! Pet owners who visit the site can learn more about why a yearly checkup is so essential – and about what veterinarians look for during an exam. Encourage your clients to visit the website so they can prepare for their next appointment and ask the right questions about their pet. Click to visit the site:

Every month, Partners for Healthy Pets will provide new tools to help your practice get the word out on preventive pet healthcare. Be sure to check out each e-newsletter to see what’s new!

Campaign in Action

The Campaign in Action

Where to see our consumer advertising.

The Special Care Instructions consumer campaign launches September 23 with digital advertising on many popular sites. Where will you see it first?

Digital Advertising
Launches Mid-September

  • Look for banner ads on Yahoo! Finance, CNN,PetMD, Everyday Health, SheKnows, and more.
  • Ads will also run on Facebook and other targeted sites – reaching pet owners where they visit most.
Social Media Sites

Success Stories

Read how other practices are making a difference.

The Resource Toolbox Works!

How Diane Eigner, VMD, put the Opportunity Survey to work in her practice.

Dr Eigner
Diane Eigner, VMD
Owner of The Cat Doctor, Philadelphia, PA

Diane Eigner, owner of The Cat Doctor, an all-feline AAHA practice in Philadelphia, used The Opportunity online survey tool to strengthen a successful practice that has served cat owners since 1983. “Practice income was up almost 10% last year despite a struggling economy,” said Eigner, past-president of the AAFP. “I believe that the way our clients embraced the survey experience and the way our healthcare team responded to client feedback contributed to that growth. Our practice used the survey to significantly improve two specific components of preventive healthcare, pain assessment and assessment of the patient’s behavior.” Dr. Eigner also said that internal discussions among the healthcare team in response to client feedback strengthened the staff’s already strong commitment to the practice culture.

Click here to read more about how Diane put the tools to work in her practice and to see how they can help you!

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