October 2013

Let’s Get The Word Out

Communcations materials you can use to help Clients understand the importance of preventive healthcare.

The Partners for Healthy Pets consumer awareness campaign is LIVE! Our Special Care Instructions campaign encourages pet owners to take their best friends for yearly checkups – because checkups are as essential as food and love.

Help us spread the message:

Consumer Campaign Press Release

Click here to download the press release for the Special Care Instructions campaign launch. You can use the press release in client newsletters, on your website, and in other client-focused communications to reinforce the importance of annual checkups.

For tips on how to use the press release, download the “How To” document on the Consumer Campaign Tools page.

Campaign in Action

The Campaign in Action

Where to see our consumer advertising.

The Special Care Instructions consumer campaign is popping up all over the place. Be sure to tell your clients to look for it on their favorite websites and in popular magazines.

Digital Advertising
Launched Mid-September

Social Media Sites

O the Oprah Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Family Fun and Prevention Magazines mid-October

The Special Care Instructions print campaign premiered September 27 in the October 14 Top 10 U.S. metros edition of People magazine. Look for Henley in four more magazines this month: O the Oprah Magazine, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and Family Fun on sale October 15, and Prevention Magazine on sale October 22.

O Magazine
Everyday Magazine
Family Fun Magazine
Prevention Magazine

Success Stories

Read how other practices are making a difference.

The Resource Toolbox Works!

How George Bailey, Hospital Manager, used the AAHA/AVMA Preventive Care Guidelines and Opportunity survey to learn more about his clients and benefit his team.

Dr Bailey
George Bailey, Hospital Manager
Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital, Newfields, NH

We received valuable feedback from our clients when we invited them to use The Opportunity survey tool,” said George Bailey, Practice Manager at the Stratham-Newfields Veterinary Hospital (SNVH) in Newfields, New Hampshire. "But what really impressed us was the number of unanticipated benefits of using the survey that strengthened our healthcare team and our relationships with SNVH clients."

The Opportunity survey tool is the ideal first step for veterinary practices looking to assess how well they communicate the value of preventive healthcare to their clients. "Unfortunately, many pet owners think preventive care exams are optional," Mr. Bailey said. "They think professional veterinary care is needed only when pets are really sick or hurt. The trouble with this approach is that when the pet owner realizes their animal is sick, it's usually an advanced case. What could have been a preventive care case becomes a matter of urgent care. This often involves greater expense for the pet owner and greater risk of an unfavorable outcome for the pet."

The Opportunity survey is designed to help companion animal veterinarians identify ways to enhance their practices by emphasizing the importance of preventive healthcare. According to Bailey, "The preventive healthcare message is the principal driver for clients to obtain regular veterinary services instead of coming to us only for vaccinations and urgent care."

Click here to read more about how George put the tools to work in his practice and to see how they can help you!

Learn more about Partners for Healthy Pets at www.partnersforhealthypets.org

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