November 2013

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Communcations materials you can use to help Clients understand the importance of preventive healthcare.
Campaign in Action

Put the Special Care Instructions campaign to work for you! Download our free digital banner ads and add them to your website or e-newsletters to help remind clients to schedule yearly checkups for their pets!

Special Care Instructions
Digital Banner Ads

Click here to download the Special Care Instructions digital banner ads, available in three sizes. You can easily add the banners to your website, e-newsletters and other digital communications to remind clients that a yearly checkup is as essential as food and love.

For tips on how to use digital banners, review the more detailedinstructions on the Consumer Advertising Campaign Tools page.

The Campaign in Action

Where to see our consumer advertising.

The Special Care Instructions consumer campaign is featured on many of your clients’ favorite websites and in popular magazines. Be sure to tell them to look for it!

People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive Issue, featuring Sexy Men and Their Cats

The Sexiest Men Alive issue is one of People Magazine’s most popular. Look for Oz – our sweet and sleepy feline – alongside the feature on Sexy Men and Their Cats in the December 2nd issue, on newsstands November 22nd.

Digital Advertising Continues on Popular Sites

Where to find PEP Ads
People Magazine
People Magazine

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Congratulations! You’re one of over 3,500 practices who understand the real value of preventive pet healthcare and are helping clients see the benefit as well.
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The Resource Toolbox Works!

How Scott Delaney, DVM, used Partners for Healthy Pets online resources to develop and implement monthly payment plans for preventive healthcare to keep his patients healthier and increase the likelihood that clients would seek preventive care for their pets.

Dr Delaney
Dr. Scott Delaney
Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, Oakhurst, NJ

Introducing monthly payment plans for preventive healthcare is a major step for any veterinary practice. When Dr. Scott Delaney of Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital (OVH) in Oakhurst, NJ saw the Partners for Healthy Pets online resources for implementing pet healthcare plans, he thought, This is fantastic! They’ve laid it all out for us.

“The suite of tools available online for developing pet healthcare plans made a challenging task manageable and ensured that our plans would be well designed from day-one and well accepted by our clients,” said Dr. Delaney. The result is OVH’s “Best Years Gold” and “Best Years Silver” plans for adult canine and feline preventive healthcare as well as puppy and kitten plans for pets less than nine months of age.

“By introducing preventive healthcare plans to our clients, we’ve adopted a business model that we believe will improve pet owner compliance and keep our patients healthier.”

Click here to read more about how Scott put the tools to work in his practice and to see how they can help you!!

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