May 2017

Have you taken advantage of The Opportunity?

Have you ever wondered what your clients are thinking? Now is your chance to literally “read the minds” of your clients and see how it compares to what you and your staff are thinking...and doing when it comes to providing preventive healthcare to your patients.

The Opportunity is an exclusive online practice survey tool that is the flagship tool in our Practice Resources Toolbox. It is designed to give you customized insight into the perspectives and opinions of your clients and healthcare team about preventive pet healthcare.

Through responses to online pet owner and healthcare team surveys, you can uncover possible gaps that exist between your team and clients related to their understanding and perceived value of routine preventive healthcare visits.

The Opportunity delivers unique, individualized survey results directly to your practice. From the time that the first survey is completed, you’ll be able to return to this section of the Partners for Healthy Pets website to view your real-time results, and as additional surveys are done, results will continually be tallied, updated, and available for your review. Use the results to develop strategies and action plans to reinforce your preventive healthcare focus and delivery.

When your practice implements The Opportunity, it helps to improve client satisfaction, enhance practice strength, and, most importantly, bring optimum preventive healthcare to pets–a goal that we’re all striving to achieve!
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Let us help YOU see more pets!

Healthy bones, joints and muscles
In the May monthly practice newsletter, let’s talk about bone, muscle and joint health. Here you’ll find ready-to-use Facebook posts, tweets and practice website/newsletter content, all created with you in mind! You can take the ready-to-use content and use it…word for word! Let us help you motivate your clients to schedule their pet’s yearly checkups.

May is a good month for long dog walks. It’s also a time for cats to jump on kitchen counters to try to eat those freshly cut flowers! What happens when pets stop doing these things? Clients may think, “My cat is finally trained” or “it’s old age” and not give it a second thought. But what if the reason is a musculoskeletal disease?

Musculoskeletal disease affects pets of all ages, at any time. That’s why it’s up to you to encourage your clients to schedule their pet’s yearly checkup. You are the only one who can ask the detailed questions for an accurate history, perform a thorough physical exam (including palpation of bones, muscles and joints), and run the right tests. You are the expert when it comes to your patients’ care and wellbeing.

It’s time to check in with all of your clients (especially those inactive clients you haven’t seen in over 14 months) to promote preventive care. Use the “Word for Word” section below for Facebook posts, tweets and website/newsletter copy to encourage your clients to schedule annual exams for their pets.

Word for Word

Here are May’s Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website that you can copy “word for word.” They focus on the importance of musculoskeletal disease prevention for your patients.

Copy and paste this month’s Facebook posts onto your own page.

Engage clients with this month’s tweets.

Use this month’s website copy online or in your practice newsletter.

Click here for print ad templates, digital banner ads, our public service announcement video and other useful tools your practice can utilize to promote preventive care.

Campaign In Action

The Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) and Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) have announced the Forward Booking WORKS! Testimonial Contest. Would you like a chance to win $12,500 in cash prizes? Keep reading!

To help publicize the benefits of forward booking ALL patient appointments (both preventive healthcare and medical) before clients leave veterinary practices, VMAE and PHP are challenging practices to submit testimonials on how forward booking has benefitted their patients and their practices. Through these testimonials, we hope to spread the word to the veterinary profession that forward booking = healthier patients and healthier practices.
Forward Booking Works!

To enter the contest, healthcare team member(s) should submit a 500-word or less written testimonial or a short video. VMAE judges will select multiple winners, with $12,500 in total prize money to be awarded, including $2,500 for first prize (that you can share with your practice or keep for yourself!) Contest ends May 15th!

Testimonials are being solicited from veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. Check your state veterinary medical association website or the VMAE website for all the details!

Success Stories

Read how other practices put the Partners for Healthy Pets Resource Toolbox to work.

Pictured above: Dr. Vince Obsitnik, multi-practice owner of The Animal Medical Clinic and Ms. Jan McAfee, receptionist/computer specialist.
“I appreciate Partners for Healthy Pets (PHP) for the steady, consistent information. It’s incredibly valuable and written in a soft, professional manner that we can use,” says multi-practice owner Dr. Vince Obsitnik of The Animal Medical Clinic of Peachtree City and Fairburn, GA. Ms. Jan McAfee, the practices’ receptionist and computer specialist agrees, “I’ve watched many of the videos and they’ve been very helpful. We’re redoing our website and using many suggestions from the site.”

The PHP training videos on internet marketing were especially useful for Jan. “They made me aware of what people want, taught me about human behavior and how to connect with people.” She adds, “I wish I had watched them before I got started on our practice website. It would have been easier!”

Dr. Obsitnik and his team are one of the many practices signed up for the Partners for Healthy Pets Practice Enrollment Program. Among the benefits of this program is this monthly practice newsletter. “When we get the [PHP] monthly newsletter, I meet with Jan and we decide on how we want to use the content,” says Dr. Obsitnik. In February, Jan used the PHP Facebook posts to promote their dental month discount. She thought the graphics and tie-in between Valentine’s Day, dental health and bad breath resonated with clients. “It’s hard to get information, but Partners for Healthy Pets provides good information on their website and on a monthly basis in the newsletter,” says Jan.

For more helpful tips from Dr. Obsitnik and Ms. McAfee, click here.
Partners for Healthy Pets is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian. We are committed to working with you to enhance the health of your patients and your practice. Learn more about all the tools available to your practice in the Partners for Healthy Pets Resource Toolbox at
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