May 2014

Our Consumer Advertising Campaign to Pet Owners

We're talking to your clients about the importance of yearly checkups and encouraging them to come see you!

Partners for Healthy Pets launched a national consumer ad campaign to bring more clients to your practice for yearly checkups and preventive care. The campaign includes TV, print, digital and public relations - all designed to communicate the value of yearly checkups.

Advertising Campaign

Let us help YOU see more pets!

Partners For Healthy Pets has taken out all of the guesswork for you. Here you’ll find ready-to-use Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website. You can take them “word for word” and use them to educate your clients about the importance of yearly checkups for their pets. And this month, the spotlight’s on tick prevention!

Prevent Ticks

Doesn’t it seem that a tick-borne disease is on every patient’s diagnostic rule-out list these days? Any patient that has intermittent lameness, loss of appetite, lethargy or any other non-specific sign could have been infected by a tick.

Unfortunately, your clients may think these vague signs are from old age, a long walk or hot weather and not give them a second thought. That’s why it’s up to you to encourage your clients to schedule their pet’s annual checkup today. You are the only one who can perform a thorough physical exam, run the right screening tests, and discuss tick prevention with expertise.

It’s time to check in with all of your clients (especially those active clients you haven’t seen in 12-18 months) to promote preventive care. All patients can benefit from a discussion with their owners about tick exposure as part of their yearly checkup.

Use the “Word For Word” section below to motivate your clients to make an appointment for their pet’s yearly checkup and keep connected with them on a regular basis.

Word for Word

Here are this month’s Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website that you can use "word for word". What does your practice need this month – Facebook or Twitter posts? A paragraph or two for your website? Take them! They’re designed to encourage your clients to schedule their pet’s annual checkup with you.

Click here for this month’s Facebook posts.
Click here for this month’s tweets.
Click here for this month’s website copy.

Does your practice need more? Click here for print ad templates, digital banner ads, our public service announcement video and other useful tools your practice can use to promote preventive care!

The Campaign in Action

What people are saying about the campaign

The spotlight is on preventive care! Partners for Healthy Pets spokesperson, Dr. Katy Nelson, was featured in a satellite media tour last month that will be broadcast by 22 different TV stations across the country. Click here to watch Dr. Katy’s segment on Indy Style, an Indianapolis morning show on WISH TV.

Our digital campaign is live and popping up on high-profile websites all across the web, targeted specifically to reach pet owners where they visit most. Look for our star dog, Henley, on many of today’s most popular sites.

Campaign in Action
Dr. Katy Nelson

Success Stories

Read how other practices put the Partners For Healthy Pets Resource Toolbox to work.

Do you want to know how your clients understand preventive healthcare compared to how your practice presents it?

An exclusive online practice survey tool called The Opportunity in The Partners For Healthy Pets Resources Toolbox can give you that answer. This simple, confidential survey will help you close any potential gap that exists between your team and clients related to their understanding and perceived value of routine preventive healthcare visits.

"Our practice used the survey to significantly improve two specific components of preventive healthcare, pain assessment and assessment of the patient’s behavior," said Dr. Diane Eigner, owner of The Cat Doctor, a successful practice in Philadelphia.

Success Story

The Opportunity provides individualized survey results and customized insight into the opinions of your clients and healthcare team about preventive healthcare. It reveals potential discrepancies between how a veterinary practice team may present and communicate preventive healthcare information and how the practice’s clients perceive and understand that information. When practices implement The Opportunity, it helps to improve client satisfaction, enhance staff teamwork, and most importantly, bring optimum preventive healthcare to pets.

To learn more on how Dr. Eigner successfully utilized The Opportunity in all aspects of her practice, Click here.


Partners for Healthy Pets is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian and is committed to working with you to enhance the health of your patients and your practice. Learn more about all the tools available to your practice in the Partners For Healthy Pets Resources Toolbox at

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