March 2014

“Word For Word”

Here are this month’s ready-to-use tools for your practice. What does your practice need this month—Facebook or Twitter posts? A banner? A print ad? Take them to motivate your clients to schedule their pet’s annual checkup. Whatever you need, they are ready for you, “word for word,” listed below.

Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm Prevention Social Media Posts

Facebook: Click here for cut-and-paste social media posts you can use on your practice’s Facebook page.
Twitter: Click here for cut-and-paste social media posts you can use on your practice’s Twitter page.

“Special Care Instructions” Print Ad Templates

Click here to download print-ready templates. Just add your practice logo to our dog and cat ads, then work with your local printer to print these hi-resolution art files for use in your clinic, or place them in your local newspaper to remind pet owners to visit you for their best friend’s yearly checkup.

“Special Care Instructions” Banners

Click here to download print-ready banners featuring our dog and cat for you to use in your practice and at local events! These large banners look great displayed in tall windows and in your clinic’s welcome area – and they help keep yearly checkups top-of-mind with clients. Work with your local printer to make your banners today!

Heartworm Prevention Words that Work Video and Script

Click here for a short, 4-minute video that can help address some of the tougher questions pet owners have about heartworm disease and prevention. Use this “Words That Work” video as a model for training staff or play it at your next staff meeting and give your team specific coaching on how to have a conversation with clients that make an impact on their pets’ preventive care.

The Campaign in Action

Where to see our consumer advertising.
Our Consumer Advertising

Preventive pet healthcare has everyone talking! Our ads will be featured in April issues of Real Simple, Prevention, Family Fun, and Shape magazines, on sale now!

Success Stories

Practice Success Story

We’re looking for our next great success story! So tell us how you’re using the Resource Toolbox in your practice.

Click here to share your success story and you could be featured in an upcoming Special Care newsletter!

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