January 2014

Let’s Get The Word Out

Communcations materials you can use to help Clients understand the importance of preventive healthcare.

Public Service Announcement

We want to make it easy to talk to your staff and clients about the importance of preventive pet healthcare. So each month, we’ll deliver new tools to empower your team: from client-facing social media posts and newsletter content, to internal training materials to help your team talk to clients about preventive care!

Learn how to build an online communication strategy for your practice, and share the communications content below to help your clients prepare for the cold winter weather and to remind them to schedule their 2014 annual checkup:

Practice Resources Toolbox Highlight: Jumpstart Your Practice Online

Do you have a client whose pet has a Facebook page? Or a team member who always has a funny pet video to share? Social media has transformed the way people talk about their pets – and pet healthcare! Learn how your practice can be part of the conversation here!

Client Communications: Cold Weather Safety Social Media Posts

Click here to access four cut-and-paste social media posts for your practice’s Facebook and Twitter pages!

The Campaign in Action

Where to see our consumer advertising.

The :15 and :30 second Special Care Instructions TV spots are running now on national and local TV stations across the country! Starring sweet and playful dogs and cats, they gently remind clients to schedule a yearly checkup – it’s as essential as food and love!

If you haven’t seen the Special Care Instructions TV Public Service Announcement yet, click here to view it!

What is a Public Service Announcement?

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is an unpaid message to the public that raises awareness of a social issue. We’re working with many national TV networks, both broadcast and cable, and asking them donate airtime to run our PSA now through the end of 2014. Watch for our best friends each time you tune in!

Public Service Announcement

Success Stories

The Resource Toolbox Works!

How Dr. Stewart Silverman used the Internet Marketing and Social Media Resources to build stronger relationships with clients and attract new ones.

Dr Silverman
Dr. Stewart Silverman
Melrose Animal Clinic, Melrose, MA

“Our website is a virtual front door through which prospective clients judge our practice every day,” says Dr. Stewart Silverman of Melrose Animal Clinic (MAC) in Melrose, Massachusetts. “The only thing more powerful than our website in attracting new clients is a word-of-mouth recommendation.” Dr. Silverman notes that MAC’s online presence includes numerous positive client testimonials featured on the practice’s website, Facebook page, and online review sites such as Google Reviews. “In effect, we’re able to use social media and Internet search engines to share credible word-of-mouth recommendations, and it’s all free.”

When pet owners who are looking for a local veterinarian in the greater Boston area enter the search terms “Melrose veterinarians” on Google, MAC is among the first two practices listed. The Google+ link to the MAC website appears along with a photo of the clinic and a map of its location. It is a hard-to-resist invitation to visit the practice’s website. Once there, pet owners encounter a persuasive, attractive, and simple to navigate presentation of MAC’s services and brand of compassionate, top-quality pet healthcare.

With a strong search engine listing, attractive website, and active social media presence, MAC uses Internet marketing to convert online researchers into active clients and to keep existing clients happy. The online resources from Partners for Healthy Pets played an important role in helping Dr. Silverman’s practice unlock the power of Internet marketing.

Click here to read more about how Stewart put the tools to work in his practice and to see how they can help you!

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