February 2020

Have you taken advantage of The Opportunity?

Have you heard the latest about The Opportunity? The Opportunity is an exclusive online PHP practice tool that is designed to help you identify communication gaps between what your health care team says and what your clients hear. For example, did you know that based on over 1,000 veterinary team staff surveys, 75% of practices routinely asses for pain and only 45% of pet owners recognized that a pain assessment had occurred during the preventive healthcare exam? This is one of many communication gaps identified during a preventive healthcare exam. This is NOT a client satisfaction survey! A published AAHA-AVMA white paper entitled, “The Opportunity: Pet owners don’t always hear what we tell them and how to fix that,” gathered data from practices that utilized PHP’s Opportunity survey tool and clearly identifies the disconnects which exist in staff/pet owner communication as confirmed by data analysis in real world application. Dr. Jeremy Kees, from Villanova University, a nationally recognized expert in consumer communication and market research, helped design the survey and analyze the data from 1,193 staff surveys and 1,360 pet owner surveys over the course of 5 years. The results? Veterinary practices have a previously unrecognized opportunity to bridge several unexpected communication gaps between their staff and pet owners during a preventive healthcare exam! PHP encourages all practices to uncover their specific communication gaps by utilizing The Opportunity survey tool at www.partnersforhealthypets.org and by reading the easy to access results of the white paper.

When your practice implements The Opportunity, it helps to improve client satisfaction, enhance practice strength, and, most importantly, bring optimum preventive healthcare to pets—a goal that we’re all striving to achieve!
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Let us help YOU see more pets!

Since February is dedicated to dental health, we wanted to help you remind your clients to care for their pet’s pearly whites and encourage them to come and see you. February means love and kisses and nothing says “I love you” more than fresh breath!

You’ll find Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website or newsletter that encourage owners to pay attention to their pet’s teeth. Many owners may not realize that their furry friends are at risk for serious medical diseases when their mouth is not examined on a regular basis.

Use the social media and website content in the next section to educate your clients about the benefits of preventive healthcare and their pet’s oral health. Your team is best at performing a comprehensive oral exam and providing accurate facts and recommendations so your patients stay healthy for a long time.

Bad Breath

Which patients are due for their yearly checkup? Check your records then contact all of your clients you haven’t seen in over a year. You want to remind them to schedule their pet’s annual exam because a yearly checkup guarantees these pets are getting the highest quality of care.

Word for Word

Here are February’s Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website that you can use “word for word.” They focus on the importance of dental preventive healthcare for your patients.

Copy and paste this month’s Facebook posts onto your own page.

Engage clients with this month’s tweets.

Use this month’s website copy online or in your practice newsletter.

Click here for print ad templates, digital banner ads, our public service announcement video and other useful tools your practice can utilize to promote preventive care.

Success Stories

Partners for Healthy Pets is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian. We are committed to working with you to enhance the health of your patients and your practice. Learn more about all the tools available to your practice in the Partners for Healthy Pets Resource Toolbox at www.partnersforhealthypets.org.
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