February 2016

Let us help YOU see more pets!

Since February is dedicated to dental health, we wanted to help you remind your clients to care for their pet’s pearly whites and encourage them to come and see you. February means love and kisses and nothing says “I love you” more than fresh breath!

You’ll find Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website or newsletter that encourage owners to pay attention to their pet’s teeth. Many owners may not realize that their furry friends are at risk for serious medical diseases when their mouth is not examined on a regular basis.

Use the social media and website content in the next section to educate your clients about the benefits of preventive healthcare and their pet’s oral health. Your team is best at performing a comprehensive oral exam and providing accurate facts and recommendations so your patients stay healthy for a long time.

Bad Breath?

Which patients are due for their yearly checkup? Check your records then contact all of your clients you haven’t seen in over a year. You want to remind them to schedule their pet’s annual exam because a yearly checkup guarantees these pets are getting the highest quality of care.

Word for Word

Here are February’s Facebook posts, tweets and copy for your practice website that you can use “word for word.” They focus on the importance of dental preventive healthcare for your patients.

Copy and paste this month’s Facebook posts onto your own page.

Engage clients with this month’s tweets.

Use this month’s website copy online or in your practice newsletter.

Click here for print ad templates, digital banner ads, our public service announcement video and other useful tools your practice can use to promote preventive care.

Want additional Facebook posts on a bunch of topics that you can immediately share with your clients? Like our Facebook page, Pet Wellness Pulse! If you would like new content every day, click on our page every day. Remember, unless you regularly share Pet Wellness Pulse posts with your clients, not all of our posts will automatically show up in your practice newsfeed. So whenever you want new content, click on Pet Wellness Pulse to get it!

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Our Facebook page, Pet Wellness Pulse, is your go-to source for credible content to share with your clients every day! There’s a bunch of posts about canine and feline preventive healthcare, plus cute cat videos and interesting facts about our furry friends that clients will love. Posts can even be customized for your practice’s needs. Below are some great posts from our page that you may have missed.

Pet Wellness Plus - Senior Pet

Pet Wellness Plus - Ridiculously Photogenic Pet

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Campaign in Action

Explore updates on our pet owner advertising campaign and preventive pet care in the news.

Campaign in Action
PHP’s consumer website is a resource
to help your clients understand the
importance of annual checkups

Success Stories

Read how other practices put the Partners for Healthy Pets Resource Toolbox to work.

When a veterinary practice utilizes the unique opportunities that social media can offer, it can improve the quality of care for patients and keep their clients connected to their clinic. Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville, North Carolina is maximizing their Facebook presence and reaping the rewards for patients, clients and staff, thanks to Partners for Healthy Pets.

Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital Practice Manager Jennipher Barbee regularly shares the content from Pet Wellness Pulse on her practice page. She says, “Pet Wellness Pulse has educational content and our clients like what they read on our page. They’ll come into our practice and tell us about a post we put up that week.”

Success Stories
Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital
Practice Manager Jennipher Barbee and Mr. Smee

When asked if any particular PWP Facebook post resonated with the practice’s clients, Ms. Barbee says the post that featured a man listening to music next to his dog with the caption, “Does your dog ‘sing’ with you during your favorite song? Does your cat hide when ‘mew-sic’ is played? How do your pets react to the radio?” hit home with pet owners. “We had clients come in and tell us that when they were exercising, their pet was looking at them and they thought of us.”

Jacksonville is a military town, bustling with young people who manage their lives via smart phones and social media. Ms. Barbee says, “Our clients expect the ability to check in with the hospital and they do it via Facebook.” Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital has a robust Facebook page that keeps growing without any paid advertising. Ms. Barbee concludes, “We know we’re doing a good job with our page because all of our growth has been organic. If we post interesting and informative content, then our clients can provide better care for their pets. Pet Wellness Pulse helps us do that.”

Get inspired! Read more from practices that have seen success using the PHP tools and resources.

Partners for Healthy Pets is dedicated to ensuring that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian. We are committed to working with you to enhance the health of your patients and your practice. Learn more about all the tools available to your practice in the Partners for Healthy Pets Resource Toolbox at www.partnersforhealthypets.org.

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