December 2013

Let’s Get The Word Out

Communcations materials you can use to help Clients understand the importance of preventive healthcare.

Catch the world premiere of the Special Care Instructions Public Service Announcement and share it with your clients today!

Public Service Announcement

Special Care Instructions TV Public Service Announcement

Click here to view and share the :15 and :30 second Special Care Instructions TV spots. Starring sweet and playful dogs and cats, they gently remind clients to schedule a yearly checkup – it’s as essential as food and love!

Share the spots with your clients today – it’s as easy as point and click!

What is a Public Service Announcement?

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is an unpaid message to the public that raises awareness of a social issue. We’re working with many national TV networks, both broadcast and cable, and asking them donate airtime to run our PSA now through the end of 2014. Watch for our best friends each time you tune in!

For tips on how to use public service announcements, review the more detailedinstructions on the Consumer Advertising Campaign Tools page.

The Campaign in Action

What people are saying about the campaign.

Media across the country are buzzing about the Partners for Healthy Pets preventive pet healthcare initiative.

The Pet Show with Dr. Katy, ABC-8 Washington, D.C. featuring Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro

Dr. Katy Nelson featured the Partners for Healthy Pets initiative on her Nov. 9th show, sitting down with one of the campaign’s spokespeople, Dr. Elisa Mazzaferro, to discuss the importance of yearly checkups and to encourage listeners to visit to learn more.

Click here to watch the interview!


Success Stories

The Resource Toolbox Works!

How Elizabeth Alton, DVM, used the AAHA-AVMA Preventive Healthcare Guidelines to engage her entire team and connect with clients.

Dr Alton
Dr. Elizabeth Alton
Green Mountain Animal Hospital, Burlington, VT

After the new AAHA-AVMA Canine and Feline Preventive Healthcare Guidelines were introduced,1 Dr. Elizabeth Alton committed to implementing them in her practice at Green Mountain Animal Hospital. She was delighted that Partners for Healthy Pets provided a suite of free, professionally produced online tools for introducing the Guidelines to her healthcare team. When she began using the online resources, she quickly noticed two important features.

“First, it was apparent that these resources weren’t like reading a practice management article in a veterinary journal,” she said. “The online tools were specific, practical, and helpful, not general and abstract. The tools didn’t just tell us what to do, they told us how to do it, step-by-step.”

Dr. Alton also noticed that the online tools engaged her entire healthcare team. “It wasn’t a matter of the practice owner lecturing the staff on how to apply the Guidelines,” she said. “The training sessions were very interactive, by design. Everyone in our practice now has a clear understanding of the Guidelines and how to use them. That means we’ll speak with one voice when we make preventive healthcare recommendations to our clients.”

Click here to read more about how Elizabeth put the tools to work in his practice and to see how they can help you!

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