Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Partners for Healthy Pets?

Partners for Healthy Pets is an initiative of the Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare™ – a committee of the not-for-profit American Veterinary Medical Foundation – created to promote preventive healthcare and regular veterinary visits for all pets. Over 70 veterinary associations and animal health companies committed to improving pet health have joined together to support the initiative.

Why should I join Partners?

Partners for Healthy Pets can help you have more successful conversations with clients about preventive healthcare. The program is free and gives everyone on your team access to AAHA/AVMA Preventive Care Guidelines plus tools to prepare your team to talk about the benefits of regular check ups. Partners for Healthy Pets will be supporting your efforts with a powerful consumer campaign to educate clients about the importance of the annual check up – encouraging them to bring their pets to see you more often.

How will my practice benefit?

By enrolling your practice and continuing to talk with clients about preventive healthcare, you’ll be part of an industry-wide effort designed to keep your patients healthy and happy. You’ll also be the first to receive information about the campaign’s progress and new tools to help educate your clients.

What will I find in the Toolbox?

The Partners for Healthy Pets Practice Resources Toolbox contains a variety of easy-to-use tools – including videos and scripts – that your healthcare team can use to deliver preventive healthcare even more effectively.

How do I join?

Click here to enroll your practice now. For more information, call 1-800-248-2862 ext. 6686, or ask your distributor or industry sales rep about Partners for Healthy Pets.