The Essential Importance of Regular Veterinary Checkups

We know that regular veterinary checkups are as essential as food and love to a pet’s health and well-being.  But even the best clients may not understand the critical importance of a comprehensive preventive care visit. That’s why Partners for Healthy Pets is supporting Associate Members with free resources to encourage pet owners to make regular checkups a habit, and to schedule them at least one per year. Your involvement means more pets get the care they deserve!

The Pet Owner Advertising Campaign

A few years ago, Partners for Healthy Pets launched a robust advertising campaign aimed at pet owners and it encompassed a wide array of media outlets. The campaign was proven to:

  • connect with pet owners through the love they feel for their pets.
  • motivate them to bring their pet in for preventive care at least once a year by placing the yearly checkup on the same level as food and love.

The campaign materials resonant as much with pet owners today and they did years ago. They are provided below for you to use, free of charge.

Campaign Materials